How does grease get into drains?

Grease is one of the most common cause for hiring a drain cleaning company in Columbus, Ohio  One of the reasons is the food that you put down the garbage disposal; and the second reason is washing dishes, pots and pans that have grease on them. The Crawford Mechanical Columbus Ohio Plumbing Servicefact of the matter is that no matter how careful you are with food, grease will build up in your drain pipes causing you to hire a drain cleaning company. Obviously, you probably use hot water when you wash the dishes, but the hot water cools off when it contacts with the colder piping in the lower parts of your plumbing and this is what starts the grease buildup in your drains. The grease that you wash down your pipes only starts with a thin film that coats the insides of them, but it eventually collects and builds into a blockage that can only be cleaned out by a professional plumber. If you suspect that your drain pipes are slowing down, it is better to call a plumber in Columbus Ohio right away rather than wait until a real problem develops.