Three Ways to Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer is a time to be outdoors, relax and have fun with family and friends, but did you know that it can also be a time for plumbing problems? Summertime is when water usage is at its highest of the year, which can lead to several plumbing issues. Listed below are three common maintenance problems that occur and some tips to keep your home plumbing safe.

Washing Machine:

During the summer months washing machines tend to run more frequently, especially if you have kids. You spend more time outdoors, whether it’s hiking, time at the pool or even the beach, all result in more dirty clothes.  Frequent usage can cause bulges, cracks or leaks in your washing machine hose. It is recommended to move your machine a few inches from the wall to prevent the hoses from knotting. Remove drier lint regularly and never leave your home while the washier is running.

Sewer Line Backup:

Sewer line backups are common in the summer when excess rainwater enters sewer pipes through cracks.  New tree root growth from the spring can also cause sewer backup issues as roots spread underground and crack the pipes. If you see any signs of sewer line trouble such as water from the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain, call a qualified plumber right away. He or she can recommend a sewer line treatment or replacement options.

Clogged Disposal:

Not only is summer the season for grilling, but it also can be the season of clogged kitchen disposals if you do not know what foods can and cannot go down the disposal. Typically, disposals are not equipped to handle hard fruits and vegetables, such as celery, cornhusks and banana peels, to name a few. Also, do not pour fats or cooking oils down your sink because they form clots in the pipes. Never put “just-add-water” foods down the drain, this will result in an immediate clog when you add water. Run cold water at full pressure for several seconds before and after you put anything down the disposal to push it through.

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