Spring Sump Pump Tips

Spring is here and the last thing anyone wants is a flooded basement.  Taking just a few minutes and checking the functionality of your sump pump could be the difference between a dry basement and a basement full of water.  We recommend the following be checked at least every 6 months, one time being the end of winter / beginning of spring.

    First check the electrical connection to make sure the pump is plugged in and there is nothing that would interrupt the flow of electricity to the pump

    Fill a bucket of water and dump it in your sump pit.  Make note of the following items:

  • Insure that the float is working properly.  Once the water reaches a certain level, the float is what will kick the sump pump into action.  If your pump does not turn on when the water level is above your float, call us immediately.
  • The second item to look for is the check valve.  The check valve eliminates the back flow of water that has been pumped out of the pit.  Once all of the water is pumped out of the pit, make sure that the water is not flowing back into the pit.  If this is happening, your check valve is not functioning properly.

We at Crawford recommend some sort of backup system for your sump pump, especially if your home is subject to continuous ground water or if the residence is empty for long periods of time.  Two of the following back up systems we offer are:

  • Battery powered backup – Don’t think just because you have a battery back up that it will automatically save your basement if the electric goes out.  We recommended checking operation at least once every 3 months because batteries do die over a period of time.  
  • Water powered backup – This is the most effective back up for your sump pump.  A water line is run to and from your sump pump.  If the electric were to go off, this backup would be engaged and the pump will run off the power generated by the flow of water.

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